Upgrades to AC Performance Help Your Home

air-conditioning-upgradesMichigan summers are hot and muggy, and without a reliable air conditioner, your home can quickly feel like an oven. That can pose a health risk to sensitive family members, making a good air conditioner as important as your electricity or plumbing. It’s fairly normal to pay more for your monthly air conditioning than you would during other times of the year, and to a certain extent higher monthly cooling bills are inevitable in the summer. But just because you’re paying more this time of year, doesn’t mean you should pay more than is necessary.

There are ways to improve your AC’s performance during the summer that can take a bit out of those bills. Some of them can be implemented by the homeowners themselves: steps like setting the thermostat a few degrees higher than normal, or putting weather stripping down along the cracks into your doors to keep the cool air from escaping. But other improvements to your AC’s efficiency need a trained professional: requiring formal upgrades to the system. Here’s a brief list of some of the more notable upgrades, all of which can help you lower your monthly bills – and the strain on your air conditioner – considerably.

  • Zone Control Systems. These are a series of valves or shutters placed at key points in your duct system. They allow you to raise or lower the temperature in each section of your home independently of the rest. Besides reducing squabbles among family members over the thermostat setting, it lets you turn off the air in parts of the home you aren’t using (such as the bedrooms during the day when everyone is at work or school) which still running it in parts of the home you are (such as the living room or kitchen). That lets you cut down on your energy usage considerably without skimping on quality air conditioning.
  • Duct Sealing. If your duct system suffers from a breach or a leak, it can easily pull cool air out of your system before it reaches its destination. The duct will need to be sealed by a professional – usually with either a fitting part of the use of duct mastic, though sometimes as easy as replacing a bolt that has worn out or grown loose. In exchange, your system won’t lose any cool air and won’t have to work as hard to get it to you.
  • Thermostats. Thermostats can go for decades without needing replacement, which gives them good value for the money. If yours is more than a decade old, however, you may have missed some of the exciting advancements in thermostat technology. For example, smart thermostats can shave money off of your costs by tailoring start and stop times to match your habits. And WiFi connections allow you to shut off the air conditioner – or indeed do anything else you’d like – from anywhere in the world with an app on your phone.

For these and many other upgrades to the air conditioner in your Flint, MI home, contact Davison Heating & Cooling today!

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