The Trick to Picking Out an Efficient Furnace

warm-woman-coffee-socksWhen you’re in the process of selecting and installing a brand-new furnace for a new home or a replacement heater, efficiency should be at the forefront of your mind. An efficient furnace will cost a lot less to use than a conventional furnace, but that doesn’t mean performance suffers. Modern design allows for a high-performance furnace to keep you warm for less without sacrificing comfort.

But choosing the most efficient furnace for your home is not exactly easy. You have to sort through a lot of brands, furnace efficiency ratings, and marketing promises to find what you really need and want. So what is the trick to picking out the most efficient furnace for your home?

Work with the Right Technicians

The #1 step to ensuring you get a furnace that runs as efficiently as possible is working with the right team of qualified technicians. This means calling a team that has extensive training, works with the top brands, and gets positive reviews for their work.

It can be tempting to call a technician that charges a lot less for an installation than local competitors, but this can be a mistake. The least expensive system is not going to be very efficient, and a “cheap” company may do work that’s cheap as well, resulting in a faulty installation that doesn’t run as efficiently as promised!

Prioritize the quality of the company over the cost of the installation so that you can save in the long-term. Trust us—it’s worth it!

Quality Technicians Know Sizing

When you choose the right technicians for the job, they will spend time ensuring that your new furnace is just the right size. You could have the most efficient rating available for a heating system, but if it’s not the right size for your home (either too small or too large) it will cost a whole lot of money to run.

Furnaces that are too small won’t do a good job of warming your home and can use more energy attempting to do so. Furnaces that are too large can short cycle, running in brief cycles frequently, which also wears down parts.

Quality Technicians Give You Options

A company may have a preference for brand and furnace type. But when it comes down to it, a quality technician should be able to present you with some options so that you can get the most efficient system within your budget. They can educate you about AFUE ratings and let you know if a 98 AFUE system is right for you or if a 90-95 AFUE will work just fine!

Quality Technicians Charge a Fair Price

Spending more on your furnace installation may seem like a waste, but it’s going to be worth it if you save with an efficient system! Besides, a quality technician may help you look for deals, rebates, and financing options. Many quality companies offer you the option to apply for financing on new equipment.

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