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Do You Have Problems with Your Ducts?

Monday, July 10th, 2017

duct-systems-breachSummers in our neck of the woods are hot and humid, making the air conditioner in your home more important than ever. You need your system to run as intended every day to keep your home cool and comfortable, and problems with your air conditioner need to be dealt with swiftly by a trained professional. That means more than just dealing with the air conditioning unit itself. In centralized systems, that involves issues with the ducts as well. The good news is that a qualified repair serviced should be able to deal with duct problems as well as problems with the air conditioner itself. The bad news is that you need to be able to spot the problem first. (more…)

Get Duct Breaches Repaired Quickly

Monday, November 28th, 2016

Here in Flint, MI, most homes use centralized heating and air conditioning systems: warming or cooling the air in a centralized location, then distributing it to your home with a system of ducts. The ducts are usually protected behind your walls or in your attic, but they’re a part of your HVAC system just like the heater and they can run into trouble from time to time just like any other component. Duct breaches, in particular, can be very harmful if they’re allowed to persist. When an opening appears in the ducts — either because the ducts themselves become damaged or the bolts holding one section of the duct to another  wear out — it can cause a great deal of damage. And while a trained repair technician can usually fix it pretty quickly, you still need to be able to spot the problem to do so. (more…)

Why Duct Sealing Is Important

Monday, August 31st, 2015

If you have a ducted air conditioning system, your ductwork is the sole way the cool air from your AC gets into your living spaces. But the delivery and quality of that air can be seriously compromised if your ductwork is faulty. The good news is that faulty ductwork doesn’t always have to be replaced, especially if you have professionals who can expertly seal your ductwork, like the ones at Davison Heating & Cooling. (more…)

Why Duct Sealing Is Important for Your Home’s Cooling

Monday, June 8th, 2015

Ductwork is often the unsung hero of your air conditioning system, delivering cool air day after day during the summer months. Because ductwork is typically hidden behind walls and above ceilings, it can be hard to know when your ductwork needs help. Why would it need help? Over time, ductwork can become affected by cracks, holes and disconnections, all of which can add up to significant air loss. In fact, it’s estimated that faulty ductwork can account for up to 30% of your home’s total air loss. So how can this be fixed? By scheduling a professional duct sealing appointment with your Davison Heating & Cooling expert. (more…)

Why Choose Professionals for Duct Sealing in Davison

Monday, October 20th, 2014

Your ducts are so important to your comfort at home, serving as the transportation medium for the conditioned air produced by your heating system or air conditioner. Ducts get a lot of wear over the course of a year, and, unfortunately, they may be likely to come apart at the joints or form cracks and holes over time.

While a small crack may not seem like a big deal, it can spell trouble for your HVAC system, your comfort, and your budget. If you call a professional at the first sign of duct leaks, you can benefit greatly from having a qualified expert seal your ducts with professional grade tools. One thing to keep in mind is that this is NOT a job for the inexperienced. Here are some of the reasons you should only trust professionals with duct sealing.

  • Experience with Ductwork: An experienced professional knows what to look for during inspection and can be sure to locate any compromised areas of your ducts. They may even tell you if there are kinks in the ducts or if a small change in the design would improve the state of your ducts.
  • Professional Tools: Professionals have the proper professional-grade sealants and tools to ensure a job well done. Of course, this does not include duct tape, which (despite the name) is a poor sealant and will only fall apart.
  • Improve the Condition of Your HVAC System: Finally, professional duct sealing can greatly improve your HVAC system. Leaks in the ducts keep your system from heating or cooling your home efficiently or effectively, meaning it takes longer to get your home up to the proper temperature. As it works harder, you may encounter unexpected repair needs or sudden breakdowns.

So how can you tell when there is a problem with your ducts? Reduced cooling or heating is one sign of either duct problems or an issue with the HVAC system. Similarly, high bills or reduced airflow to one room only are good indicators. You may also discover problems with the ducts during yearly HVAC maintenance.

For any heating or cooling service, or if you need duct inspection or duct sealing in Davison, call the ductwork pros at Davison Heating & Cooling today!