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Steps to Take with Generator Maintenance

Friday, June 27th, 2014

A backup generator is an important power “insurance policy” to protect you and your family in case of an extended blackout. However, what good is an insurance policy if it isn’t kept up to date? A generator cannot give you that crucial peace-of-mind if it risks breaking down or underperforming when it is at last needed.

A generator, like any other complex mechanical device, must have regular maintenance to see that it works correctly. Make sure that you schedule an annual tune-up and inspection from a skilled professional to see that the generator that protects your home is prepared to do its job when it needs to.

Davison Heating & Cooling offers comprehensive service for generators; contact us to schedule generator maintenance in Burton, MI to make sure you’re ready for any sudden and extended power loss.

The steps of generator maintenance

First, make sure that you call for generator maintenance out of season, when severe weather conditions are rare and you are unlikely to need the system. Spring and fall are the ideal times. Delaying maintenance until later risks you skipping it altogether, which is the worst scenario.

The maintenance needs of your generator will vary depending on its power level and if it’s an automatic standby model or not. The technician will give an overall survey of the generator, inside and outside. He or she will look for corrosion, loose connections, frayed wiring, or excessive dirt, and make any quick adjustments necessary. The technician will see that no debris has entered the alternator, which is a major source of repair problems. If there is corrosion, the technician will treat the system with an inhibitor. The technician will then check the lubricant oil and the filters. If the generator runs on a limited fuel supply instead of a natural gas connection, the technician will check to see that the system has sufficient fuel.

If your generator is an automatic standby model (i.e. it will activate on its own should it detect that the power has gone out), the technician will test to see that the automatic switch is operating correctly.

The most important step the technician will take—and this applies to any generator—is to activate it to test if the power level it supplies matches your home’s requirements. Since your generator will only come on when it’s needed, this test is key to seeing how it would operate if it did need to come on. The technician will measure its power output to see if it is sufficient to supply electricity to the appliances in your home that you have decided are the most vital to keep running during an outage.

The entire maintenance check should only take about an hour, and it is well worth the investment to make sure your family remains safe no matter the weather. Call Davison Heating & Cooling today to schedule your generator maintenance in Burton, MI if you haven’t take care of it yet this year.

What Is the Best Method to Seal Leaky Ducts?

Friday, June 6th, 2014

Most of the time, you don’t see the extent of the ducts inside your home. (In fact, probably the only times you notice the ducts in any building are when you are inside large retails spaces that use the modern design of exposed ceiling ventilation.) Because of the hidden nature of ducts, you won’t know how important it is to have them kept airtight so the air pressure inside doesn’t lower and so no outside contamination can get in. When leaks do occur inside ducts, they need to be sealed as soon as possible—and that takes duct repair specialists.

Contact our Burton, MI indoor air quality team at Davison Heating & Cooling when you suspect that you are losing energy or suffering from a drop in your air quality through duct leaks. We have the professional tools available to do the job right. Here are some of the best methods available for closing up duct breaks to keep the ventilation system airtight:

Not duct tape!

We need to start with an important negative, because this misunderstanding still leads to many ductwork woes. Duct tape is not designed for use on ducts. The name is a misnomer that became attached to cloth-backed tape in the 1950s. Laboratory tests haven demonstrated that duct tape is essentially worthless on ducts because it cannot stand up to temperature changes and soon turns brittle and falls off. This is why professional duct sealers are necessary: you don’t have household items that can effectively seal ductwork.

Mastic sealant

This is a resin-based adhesive that can stick to numerous surfaces, such as metal, glass, ductboard, and plastic. Mastic sealant remains flexible when it dries, so the movement of ducts as they expand from temperature fluctuations will not break the seal. Mastic is also highly heat-resistant. Duct sealers use a caulking gun to apply mastic to the outside of ducts, where it dries quickly and leaves a smooth surface that will place little resistance on the air inside.

Metallic tape

This is what is more appropriately called “duct tape.” Metallic tapes, often made from aluminum, form a mechanical seal along the ducts that some repair technicians prefer over mastic. These tapes are strong, last for many years, and resistant heat changes as well as any other sealing method.

Individual duct sealing specialists will have different preferences for sealing material, and certain types of ducts will work better with one kind of sealant than another. Put your trust in professionals with years of experience, and you will receive effective sealing work on your ducts that will maintain HVAC system efficiency and protect your indoor air quality in Burton, MI.

Since 1998, Davison Heating & Cooling has served Mid-Michigan with excellent services for heating and cooling and indoor air quality. Make us your first call for home comfort needs.

The Benefits of Maintaining Your Fireplace

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

During the winter, there are few joys greater than a roaring fireplace in the center of your home. Fireplaces not only provide a cozy glow, they can be an effective addition to your heating system, especially wood pellet stoves.

But no matter the type of fireplace you have installed in your home, you need to give it the same regular maintenance you would any heating system. Here are some benefits you will gain from keeping good care of your fireplace in Burton, MI with fireplace maintenance from fireplace professionals.

Contact Davison Heating & Cooling for your maintenance needs. We’ve served fireplaces of all kinds since 1998.

The advantages of fireplace maintenance

  • Keep it safe: Fireplaces aren’t any more dangerous than any other heating system you can have in your home… provided that they receive the proper maintenance. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you will eventually have creosote develop in the hearth and chimney. Creosote is a shiny black substance that comes from the incomplete burning of wood, and it is highly combustible. If too much creosote builds up in your fireplace, it can catch fire and lead to flames escaping out into your home. If you have a gas-powered fireplace, maintenance is important to make sure there aren’t any gas leaks or issues with ventilation that will let toxic carbon monoxide seep into your home. Regardless of the type of fireplace you have, maintenance will make sure that any exhaust exits your home properly.
  • Keep it effective: A dirty fireplace may not be immediately dangerous, but it won’t be as effective at delivering heat to you. Clogs and rust can develop along the gas burners in a gas fireplace. Electric fireplace inserts will be likely to break if they don’t receive maintenance. Pellet stoves need cleaning to make sure they produce the proper level of heating.
  • Keep it beautiful: Finally, keeping your fireplace maintained is an important part of keeping it a pleasurable part of your house. Free of soot and other debris, your fireplace will stay a beautiful place in your home where your family and friends will enjoy gathering—even when they don’t need the warmth.

Although cleaning out ash and debris from a fireplace is something you should do on your own regularly, anything more complex will require the services of trained fireplace experts. Call Davison Heating & Cooling to schedule the regular maintenance on your fireplace or other heating services in Burton, MI that will keep your home cozy for the rest of the winter.