5 Common Furnace Repairs

testing-furnace-technician-wiringA furnace is a reliable, sturdy appliance. You use it year after year without even thinking much about it—until it doesn’t work. No matter how dependable your furnace has been, you can expect to run into trouble at some point in time. Thankfully, a bit of routine maintenance can help: changing the filter every couple of months and calling a technician at the beginning of the season to do an inspection.

To show you the importance of this, we want to detail a few repairs that could occur in the middle of winter, right when you need your heater most. Some of these are larger issues than others, but all should be repaired ASAP so that the issue does not get any worse.

The Blower Fan Keeps Running

The blower fan should not keep running at all times, as this only wastes energy. If this is happening, the first thing to check is the thermostat. You may have accidentally kept the thermostat in “fan only” mode. This setting should rarely be used (unless you have high-quality indoor air quality equipment in the home).

Otherwise, it’s probably an issue with the limit switch. Shut off the system, and call in a technician to repair the furnace so that the fan turns off when the blower stops working.

Electronic Ignition Troubles

Today’s furnaces don’t have standing pilot lights as they did in the past. They start up only when you need heat, which is safer and more efficient. An electronic ignition system using an intermittent pilot to create a spark and start up when the heat turns on, so a broken switch will stop the furnace from heating up (and, if it’s working properly, from running at all).

Malfunctioning Thermostat

It is possible for the thermostat to be the reason your furnace is not running properly or is not running at all. Before you call a technician, you’ll want to check that the thermostat screen is working, and if not you should change the batteries. Otherwise it may not be calibrated or otherwise not connecting properly.

However, we’re here to tell you that the thermostat usually isn’t the problem when a heater is broken down. More likely, one or more of the many components within the furnace have broken.

Wear and Tear

Standard wear and tear affects your furnace in some major ways over the years. You may notice that your heater slows down over the years, and that could be from a lack of maintenance. Eventually, wear and tear may cause your system to break down. It’s important to call technicians for annual tune-ups to prevent this.

Dirty Air Filters

Now on to the culprit many homeowners least expect. When the furnace is not working properly—when it has trouble starting, runs for short cycles, cannot reach the right temperatures, or even overheats entirely—the issue may be a simple clogged filter. Try changing the filter before calling in technicians. However, if the issue is severe, it may have caused permanent damage that should be checked by technicians.

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