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The Benefits of Water Heater Maintenance

Monday, July 24th, 2017

water-heater-maintenanceWater heaters are among the most important appliances in your home: delivering clean hot water for cooking, cleaning, and bathing. They do their jobs quietly for the most part, and since they’re usually placed in spots like the basement that rarely see daily activity, any problems with one tends to sneak up on you. The best way to prevent this is to schedule water heater maintenance once a year from a trained technician. Summer is an excellent time to do so, when the weather is warm and you don’t need to concern yourself with freezing temperatures or heavy snowfall interfering with the process. (more…)

Do You Have Problems with Your Ducts?

Monday, July 10th, 2017

duct-systems-breachSummers in our neck of the woods are hot and humid, making the air conditioner in your home more important than ever. You need your system to run as intended every day to keep your home cool and comfortable, and problems with your air conditioner need to be dealt with swiftly by a trained professional. That means more than just dealing with the air conditioning unit itself. In centralized systems, that involves issues with the ducts as well. The good news is that a qualified repair serviced should be able to deal with duct problems as well as problems with the air conditioner itself. The bad news is that you need to be able to spot the problem first. (more…)