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Why Geothermal Systems Are Worth the Up Front Cost

Friday, February 28th, 2014

If people shy away from having a geothermal heating and cooling system installed in their home, it’s almost always because of the up-front cost. Installing a geothermal system in Waterford, MI (or anywhere, for that matter) costs more than installing traditional comfort systems like air-source heat pumps, air conditioners, furnaces, or boilers. Many people instead opt for these more initially economical systems, and unfortunately miss out on the numerous benefits of geothermal systems that make them worth the extra expense.

We are not saying that everyone should have geothermal systems installed: they do not work well at every location, and for some homeowners the initial cost will not fit with their current budget plans regardless of future savings. However, we want to dispel any myth that geothermal systems aren’t worth installing just because of their price tag. At Davison Heating & Cooling, we’ve seen the long-term benefits of these systems in action. Here are the ways they pay back their initial cost:

  • Dependable heating no matter the outdoor temperature: Before even considering what a geothermal system will save you in efficiency, you need to know that—unlike standard air-source heat pumps—a geothermal system will never struggle to provide you with sufficient heat. Even in the extreme colds of a Michigan winter, the temperature down in the earth remains consistent, so the geothermal heat pump can always deliver the temperature you need to stay warm.
  • Incredible energy efficiency: The stability of the temperature below ground makes geothermal systems extremely energy-efficient. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that this efficient performance will save you enough money for the system to pay back its installation costs within 5–10 years.
  • Longevity: The payback period will sound even better when you know that geothermal systems have long lifespans. The indoor heat pump section (the less expensive part) can last 25+ years, and the underground coils 50+ years. That’s many years of energy savings that will let the heat pump earn back three times its installation cost.
  • You’ll help the planet: This is a less tangible benefit, but an important one nonetheless. With almost zero emissions, geothermal systems do not contribute to ozone depletion or global warming. Investing in a geothermal heat pump is investing in our planet’s future.

We hope this helps you see geothermal heating and cooling in a new light. If it’s convinced you to investigate installing a geothermal system, contact Davison Heating & Cooling today to schedule an appointment for professional heating installation in Waterford, MI. We can help determine if geothermal will work for your home and property, and we can supply the work and skill needed for a great installation that will save you money for many years to come.

Why You Should Have a Professional Install Your Boiler

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Boilers have a deceptively simple operation. They use far fewer mechanical moving parts than furnaces and heat pumps, and work from the basic concept of heating water in a tank, which a pump then moves through pipes to baseboard heaters and sometimes cast iron radiators. The low number of moving parts is what helps make boilers last so long.

However, we say they are deceptively simple… although basic in concept, the modern boiler is a refined piece of equipment that requires the work of qualified professionals to repair and maintain it. And especially to install it. If you are planning on having boiler installation in Waterford, MI, you must have professional installers handle the work, as we’ll explain. It’s easy to find quality installers: just give us a call at Davison Heating & Cooling!

The Reasons Professional Installation is Crucial For Boilers

The most popular model of boiler today is the gas-powered boiler: they have the lowest cost to operate because gas is a more economical fuel than electricity. But any major appliance hooked to a main gas line requires the work of trained technicians to install and repair it. Some local codes even prohibit anyone except licensed professionals from doing the work. Regardless of your local codes, it is simply too dangerous to work on a gas boiler yourself.

Then there is the issue of sizing. A boiler must be ideally sized to provide the level of heat in your home that you need, and it takes experienced HVAC technicians to correctly ascertain this. And you can’t just “go bigger” to be safe, since an oversized boiler will short cycle and drain money.

Finally (although we could list many more reasons), a boiler that receives amateur installation will almost certainly have leaking from poor connections between pipes and valves. One of the most frequent problems that repair technicians encounter when trying to fix a boiler with amateur installation is leaks from shoddy soldering jobs along copper connections. Leaking will not only damage your boiler’s operation, it will start to damage your house.

Finding Quality Installation Isn’t Difficult

Bringing in professionals for your boiler installation will save you time in the short run and money in the long run (fewer repairs, longer lifespan). At Davison Heating & Cooling, we’re ready to provide you with a great boiler installation that will keep you and your family warm for many years to come. For boiler installation, or other heating and air conditioning service in Waterford, MI, call Davison Heating & Cooling.

Other Anniversaries of Valentine’s Day

Friday, February 14th, 2014

For more than a hundred years, people in countries around the world have marked the 14th day of February as a time for lovers to give each other gifts and for children to write cards to each other and eat heart-shaped candy. But Valentine’s Day isn’t the only important event to occur on February 14th. There are many other anniversaries to mark on this day. Here are a few:

1400 – The death of King Richard II: The same English king whose engagement resulted in the first love poem mentioning Valentine’s Day (from court poet Geoffrey Chaucer) dies in prison in Pontefract Castle after his cousin Henry overthrows him. He probably starved to death, although another famous author, William Shakespeare, would portray his death as murder.

1859 – Hello, Oregon: The Oregon Country is admitted to the United States of America as the 33rd state.

1876 – Who invented the telephone? Alexander Graham Bell applies for a patent for his new invention, the telephone. Another inventor, Elisha Gray, applies the same day for a similar device, sparking a long controversy over who invented what first.

1912 – Hello, Arizona: Continuing the statehood tradition that Oregon established, the Territory of Arizona is admitted to the U.S. as the 48th state. Women are granted the right to vote in Arizona the same year, eight years before the rest of the nation.

1929 – The world’s most infamous mob hit: Unknown assailants shoot down seven people in Chicago, IL. Six of the dead are gangsters in the mob of Bugs Moran, an enemy of Al Capone in the business of selling Prohibition bootleg liquor. No one is ever arrested or charged for the crime—but there isn’t much doubt who masterminded it.

1931 – “I am… Dracula”: The most influential vampire movie ever made, and the start of Universal Studio’s famous monsters series, Dracula starring Bela Lugosi, premieres in theaters. Universal cannily uses Valentine’s Day to promote the film as “The Story of the Strangest Passion the World Has Ever Known!”

1961 – The Periodic Table becomes larger: The 103rd chemical element, Lawrencium, is discovered at the University of California. The name comes from the laboratory where it is synthesized, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

2005 – Now it’s easy to watch funny animal videos: A group of college students launch a video sharing website call YouTube.

Even if Valentine’s Day itself isn’t a major holiday for you, February 14th has many reasons to celebrate—unless you are a member of Bugs Moran’s gang or a supporter of Richard II. All of us at Davison Heating & Cooling would like to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day, however you observe it.

Why You Should Prefer Using Automatic Standby Generators

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

Right now, we are going through one of the coldest winters in recent memory. There’s no better time to emphasize the importance of a whole-house back-up generator for your home: being caught without power during a heavy cold snap or a storm is not only inconvenient and uncomfortable, it can be dangerous, especially if there are people in your home who have special medical needs that require electrically-powered devices.

Our team at Davison Heating & Cooling takes your comfort and safety seriously. That’s why we offer installation of automatic standby generators in Oxford, MI to help you make it through potentially lengthy power outages. We can also repair or perform partial replacement on an existing system. If you don’t have a whole-house generator currently, we recommend you install an automatic standby model. If your current generator isn’t automatic, we suggest you schedule an upgrade

The Importance of an Automatic Standby Generator

Why do we place so much importance on having an automatic standby generator? Although a standard whole-house generator should take care of your power needs (provided you have it professionally sized and installed), an automatic model removes some of the hassles and dangers from the cold.

An automatic generator is connected to your electrical system in a way that detects when the power is running normally. An automatic transfer switch will disconnect your home safely from the power grid and start up the generator’s engine. (Most generators use natural gas from the municipal supply, although there are models that run from stored propane or diesel.) When the power supply to the grid comes back on, the automatic switch shuts down the generator and reconnects you.

This means that you won’t have to bundle up and march out into the cold or a heavy snowstorm, to fumble around with the equipment on the generator to start it up when the power shuts off. Aside from this convenience, an automatic generator is helpful if you aren’t home and the people in the house do not know the location of the generator or how to operate it, or if they are physically incapable of going outside to turn on the generator. It’s all taken care of: when the power goes out, the generator activates without interruption.

Schedule Generator Installation

As we mentioned above, a whole-house generator needs to be sized so it will match the power needs in your home. Too large, and it could cause electrical shorts; too small, and it won’t do you much good. For proper generator sizing and installation, rely on heating service experts in Oxford, MI. Davison Heating & Cooling is ready to help you keep your family safe this winter with automatic standby generator service. Give us a call today and schedule your next installation service.